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International Women's Day is a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. For March 8, we highlight the achievements of all the women in Volvo Trucks and in the entire automotive industry. We asked 8 of our top leaders to share views about their roles in Volvo Trucks and what career tips they would give to other women professionals.
Volvo Trucks celebrates international womens day

“Be open to new possibilities and opportunities. If you get too fixated on a specific job that you want at all costs, I think you might miss the great opportunities that come up in a big company like Volvo to go beyond your comfort zone and try new things.”

Elisabeth Larsson - Vice President Volvo Trucks South East Asia and Japan. 

Located in Singapore, 25 years with Volvo.


“The most interesting part of my job is the interaction with people – colleagues as well as customers. Every day is different, and it gives me a new experience, a new lesson and a new opportunity. My best career tip would be: learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, be agile and dare to lead!”

Małgorzata Kulis - Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Poland. 

Located in Warsaw, Poland, 23 years with Volvo.


“I am lucky enough to lead a dynamic team that works at the front line for Volvo, directly supporting our dealers and customers, helping to solve problems and find solutions for their businesses. It is a never-ending challenge that changes day by day, and minute by minute. My career tip is to be brave, be your own best advocate and put yourself out there.” 

Christina Ameigh - Regional Vice President, Western US, Volvo Trucks North America.

Located in Utah, USA, 8 years with Volvo

“The most interesting part of my job is the customer interaction and working with the entire team to make sure that all actions we take are centered around the customer. My career tip is to work hard, believe in your potential and never never give up on your dreams.”

Monica Moro Beckert - Managing Director Own Dealer Laponia Group, Brazil

Located in Itu, São Paulo, Brazil, 35 years with Volvo


“I find it very stimulating being part of a global company with clear sustainability ambitions, innovative mindset in combination with a strong customer focus. I really appreciate the variety of responsibilities such as developing people, setting the direction, reviewing technical details and at the same time being part of a global team with the focus to help our customers to succeed with their business.”

Jenny Gustafsson - SVP Quality, Volvo Trucks

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, 21 years with Volvo


“I enjoy the wide range of topics in my job. In one day, I could talk about the product strategy for 2030 and beyond, to enable fossil free transports - as well as closing a deal for a truck customer who wants to buy an electric truck today. My career tip is to be good at your current job and be open with your ambitions. Telling people what you strive for will help you identify and close gaps to make you ready for coming challenges.”

Jessica Sandström - SVP Product management

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, 19 years with Volvo


“The most interesting thing about my job is to have the privilege to work with fantastic and professional teams out in our markets, who are doing their utmost every day to support our customers, driving the business and performance of Volvo Trucks. Performance, passion and integrity are guiding values to me and I believe you need to stay curious, not put too many limitations on yourself and have fun.” 

Anna Müller - SVP Volvo Trucks Europe North & Central

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, 7 years with Volvo


“Every working day is exciting, and I really enjoy the commercial activity. Our priority is to give the best service to our customers and to take Volvo Trucks to the highest level. I’m lucky to have a committed team, where every member is a passionate worker. I’m proud to lead a team where everyone performs at such high level. I encourage all my colleagues to enjoy their work without setting limits! Maintain your dreams and desire to thrive within the company.”

Elvira Álvarez - Director Used Trucks, Volvo Trucks Spain

Located in Madrid, Spain, 1,5 years with Volvo